The Beauty of our land, Kuria

The Beauty of our land, Kuria

Every time Kuria East region is mentioned, what readily comes in mind is the conflict that previously existed between the clans of Bwirege and Nyabasi.

But unknown to many, this region has a beautiful environment, resplendent with geographical features to behold.

As you travel from Kehancha through Maeta, you are ushered into Kuria East with the breathtaking view of undulating landscape, with lush green vegetation dotted with human settlements.

The volcanic hill at Chinato, which comes into view as you head to Ntimaru Township is one such feature. The hill is situated about 20 kilometres from Kehancha town.

At the top are two rock boulders in close geographical proximity with vegetation outgrowth in between. Curiously, the rocks spew out streams of fresh water.

The jagged boulders bring out a picture of two human beings conversing.

The boulders provide a vantage position for climbers to relax at the top of the hills as they take in the picturesque view of the surrounding area which stretches as far as the eye can see. It is from this point that one can have a glimpse of the Rift Valley in the distance.

The hill is home of various small animals, colourful butterflies and birds which make a visit to the place memorable.

The hill is also considered a shrine of sorts with the residents living around it against any form of human abuse.

That is why Kuria dancers, popularly known as the “iritungu” music groups, have composed various songs in reverence of the hill.

A view of Maasai land from Kugitimo

‘This hill is a natural treasure to this community. We believe it is God-send and no one is allowed to desecrate it. It is a wonderful site to relax and have a quiet moment with yourself,” an elder from Chinato said.

Another key landmark adjacent to Chinato hill is Kebaroti, which is the highest point above the sea level in the whole Nyanza region.

Also nearby is the Komotobo Mission, a historic place where the Maranatha missionaries pitched camp as they spread the gospel. They also set up a children’s home and other projects that have helped many.

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