Starehe Boys’ & Girls’ centre

Starehe Boys’ & Girls’ centre

Charitable Institution and a School of Excellence.

We are priviledged as a Constituency to enter into a unique partnership with Starehe Boys’ Centre and Starehe Girls’ Centre schools to boost our young class 8 achievers, who miss opportunities to join national schools, due to lack of fees. This is a great opportunity especially to our marginalized community as our bright and needy achievers will be exposed to great opportunities like joining international universities like Harvard, MIT , just to mention a few. The sponsorship will start in 2019 with the first batch of 20 students; 10 girls and 10 boys. The students will be  sponsored partly by Hon. Marwa Kitayama Maisori and Starehe Centre until completion. The process will continue each year from 2019 on-wards.
The MP, Hon. Marwa Kitayama K. Maisori took this as his personal initiative to partner with Starehe Centre on behalf of the Constituency to increase the education prowess of the student population.

The first batch of beneficiaries of this auspacious programme was admitted at the centre in early January 2019. The beneficiaries include Emmanuel Matere, who scored 387 marks at Masangora primary school; Francis Maroa Mwita who scored 394 marks at Seronga primary school and Daniel Mwita Chacha who got 398 marks at Kehancha Progressive academy. The delighted pupils, clad in Starehe Boys uniforms, were escorted to the centre by Hon. Kitayama during their admission. They will be fully sponsored until the completion of their four year course.

This is an annual programme that will see the bright but needy pupils from the constituency join the institution every year until 2022.


The three beneficiaries of Starehe-Kuria East NG-CDF Education sponsorship programme which started in Jan 2019.


  • Posted February 5, 2019 Mwita 10:16 am

    what about university qualified bright but needy students, where is their stake in this…!!?

    • Posted March 20, 2019 admin 6:35 pm

      Kindly visit our offices at Kegonga NG-CDF. Alternatively you can contact the office of the Member of Parliament through the number given below on our contact section for more information and way forward. Thank you.

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