The MP, Hon. Marwa Maisori shall advocate for the tarmacking of the;

  1. Kehancha – Kegonga – Ntimaru – Gwitembe – Ang’ata Baragoi. (C882) 75km.
  2. Tarang’anya – Senta – Ntimaru road (C727) 20km.
  3. Isebania – Masangora – Senta – Kegonga – Kugitimo – Masurura-security road(E163) 55km.

Roads maintained by the county government, the MP will liaise with the governor in order for them to be completed. The same with those maintained by the national government.

Meanwhile the roads will be maintained by KeRRA and KURA to notable standards.

Isebania-Masangora-Senta road (security road= 20km), has largely been neglected by both National and county government, however the MP is lobbying for this road to be tarmacked using funds from the current ongoing expansion of the A1 road from Kisii to Isebania. (The Kisii-Ahero-Katito-Homabay-Rongo-Isebania road). The MP will tap into the forward and backward linkages as he had issued negotiations with the project engineers of the A1 project that cost ksh.20bn to have this section included in that project with an estimated cost of ksh.1bn.

In the near future we intend to have inter-connectivity for the Senta-Kegonga-Kugitimo-Masurura road joining the C13 ROAD to be equally tarmacked and Ntimaru-Mashangwe road.

  • Remuchuni Bridge(Kegonga-Kugitimo) – Already complete.
  • Regibagiri Bridge(Nyamagonwi-Kugitimo)- On plan.
  • Retinga Bridge(Nyaitara/Gibarori-Tebesi-Kehancha) – On plan.
  • Remokohi Bridge(Remanyanki-Tebesi-Getongoroma) – On plan.
  • Mituru Bridge(Kebaroti-Tebesi-Kwigena) – On plan.


  • Posted July 30, 2018 Simon Mwita 7:15 pm

    by fulfilling all these new projects on road construction coming 2022,do not ask we shall also did the same as usual .Ketayama Beene. boono tokorambe mheshimiwa kazi kwako sasa sisi utuachie 2022 .

  • Posted January 8, 2019 Mweng’e Alfred 8:33 am

    Consider the youths in these major projects of our constituency

  • Posted July 3, 2019 Maseke lawrence marwa 4:18 am

    ungekuwa umeanza bana don’t wait

  • Posted February 27, 2020 Nyandonge George 4:52 am

    Let them do there work and fulfill their promises and let them be aware that we need our own county

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