This is the first comprehensive Strategic Plan for Kuria East Constituency. It is time for fresh planning, new thinking, and “Stretch Ideas” to move us well beyond what we have been and to lead us well into prosperity.

We have a shared vision for an “inclusive, congruent and abounding Kuria East Constituency where everyone has an equal opportunity to live a life that offers the highest reasonable value.”

Realizing this vision requires that the leadership of Kuria East constituency develops and implements a Strategic direction for the next five years that will re-orient the Constituency on a development path. It is for this reason that I present to you the Kuria East Constituency 2018-2022 Strategic Plan.

We invite all the people of Kuria East and all stakeholders (public, private and civil society) to make their valued contribution towards the realization of our shared vision of prosperous Kuria East.
May the Lord bless the people of Kuria East.

Download a PDF booklet of our strategic plan below.

Kuria East Strategic Plan.

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