Kuria East NG-CDF Committee Members.

Kuria East NG-CDF Committee Members.

The National Government Constituencies Development Fund Committee (NG-CDFC) is established pursuant to section 43(1) of NG-CDF Act, 2015 with its operations at the constituency level. Key functions include.

a) Build the capacity of project management committees and sensitize the Community on the operations of the Fund.

b) Consider all project proposals from all wards in the Constituency and any other projects which a Constituency Committee considers beneficial to the Constituency.

c) Ensure that all proposed projects that are approved for funding meet the requirements of section 24 of the Act.

d) Ensure that project proposals submitted to the Board include detailed budget proposals, procurement plans and work plans.

e) Consult with relevant government departments to ensure that cost estimates for projects are realistic.

f) In considering joint projects, ensure that the participating constituencies enter into negotiations for effective implementation of such projects.

g) Rank projects proposals in order of priority while ensuring that on-going projects take precedence.

h) Ensure that all projects receive adequate funding and are completed within three years.

i) Where a project involves purchase of a parcel of land or a building, ensure that the ownership thereof is duly verified and ownership documents authenticated with relevant government agencies.

j) Monitor the implementation of projects in accordance with the monitoring and evaluation framework prescribed by the Board.

     Committee Members
  1. The MP- Patron.
  2. Nchagwa Ravasco Mutundi.
  3. Mary Gati Weichoka.
  4. Vincent kerario otaigo.
  5. Moriss Wambura Magaiwa.
  6. Beatrice Chacha Getang’eng’i.
  7. Mwita Paul Koroso.
  8. Mwita Elevian Boke.

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