National Government Street Lighting Project

National Government Street Lighting Project


The DP launching the street lighting project at Senta market on 6th July 2019.

The Last Mile Project is a Government of Kenya programme that is aimed at facilitating the objective of affordably connecting Kenyan households to the national network grid. This is geared towards achieving a national connectivity rate of 70% as part of the government’s goal of universal access to electricity.

The project has various stages spread out over the next 3 years. The first phase is the maximization phase which involves connecting those households lying within 600 metres of the earmarked transformers to the national grid. During this particular phase of the project, the low-voltage network and service cables will be extended to reach these households.

The second and third phases will involve the maximization of additional transformers, installing new transformers, and extending the low-voltage network to connect more people in the constituency. 

In this regard, Kenya Power has allocated transformers to be installed in various places in the constituency that have been earmarked. For more information on the sites that have been identified for transformer installation, click on this link

In addition, the Member of Parliament has lobbied for street lighting in the following market centres 

National Government Street Lighting Project in KURIA EAST CONSTITUENCY
Nyabasi WestNyamutiro MarketCompleted50
Nyabasi EastKegonga MarketCompleted69
Nyabasi EastKugitimo marketCompleted21
Nyabasi WestMaeta marketCompleted21
GokeharakaMasangora marketCompleted54
Nyabasi WestSenta marketCompleted36
Ntimaru WestNtimaru HQsCompleted99

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