Infrastructure Development

Infrastructure Development

The KSh2.8 billion Isebania- Ikerege- Kehancha-Ntimaru-Gwitembe- Ang’ata- Lolgorian road launched by H.E. Dr. William Ruto.

Roads are an integral part of the transport system. Proper infrastructural development contributes significantly to national and community development. 

The MP, Hon. Marwa Maisori shall advocate for the tarmacking of the;

  1. Kehancha – Kegonga – Ntimaru – Gwitembe – Ang’ata Baragoi. (E166) 75km.
  2. Tarang’anya – Senta – Ntimaru road (D201) 20km.
  3. Isebania – Masangora – Senta – Kegonga – Kugitimo – Masurura-security road(E163) 55km.

Improved roads will significantly contribute to efficient access to healthcare, improved business environment, increased employment opportunity among the youth since boda bodas and matatus are using these routes. 




Hon. Kitayama with the Chinese contractor who will construct tarmac of Kehancha-Kegonga-Ntimaru-Ang’ata-Lolgorian road

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