Environment encompasses the interaction of all living species, climate, weather, and natural resources that affect human survival and economic activities.

This pillar shall focus on, improving and preserving our environment due to the ongoing environmental degradation mainly caused by the cutting of trees to cure tobacco, building bricks and burning wood for charcoal.

The Constituency office has put in place policies that will aim at protecting hill tops and river banks as gazetted by the Kenyan government. This is in order to protect the indigenous trees from further destruction.

There are equally plans to ensure sustainable use of environment. This will include the introduction of Stabilized Soil Blocks (SSB) for construction. The Constituency shall also focus on annual tree planting and education of constituents on alternative sources of energy in order to curb uncontrolled and indiscriminate felling of trees pursuant to the act of parliament to have 10% tree cover in all public institutions.

The MP has instructed the clerk of works CDF to ensure every institution that has CDF funded projects must have water harvesting, end to end solution sinking of boreholes so that by 2022 the problem of water shortage will have been eliminated in all public institutions.

The MP has petitioned the national government for the construction of 6 water supplies to be constructed at;

  1. Kegonga. (Kegonga water supply project)
  2. Kebaroti. (Sanawa dam water supply project)
  3. Gokeharaka. (Mahuntutu dam water supply project)
  4. Ntimaru. (Ntimaru water supply project)
  5. Siabai. (Siabai dam water supply project)
  6. Kebarisia. (Kebarisia dam water supply project)

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