The MP presides over the Chinato fundraiser

The MP presides over the Chinato fundraiser

The Member of Parliament on 29th March 2019 attended a fundraiser at Chinato Youth polytechnic accompanied by Hon. Mark Nyamita of Uriri constituency and Hon. Paul Abuor of Rongo constituency. The Board of Management of Chinato Youth Polytechnic organised the event to raise funds to buy a vehicle for the polytechnic’s driving school department. Hon. Kitayama also stood in for the Principal Secretary, State Department of Social Protection, Mr. Nelson Marwa who was to be the Guest of Honor but was unable to attend. The PS sent an apology and his contribution. The total amount raised was Ksh 1.34M.

The other invited guests who gave their support but were represented in the function; Hon. Ochillo Ayacko -Senator of Migori County and Hon. Pamela Odhiambo – Migori County Women Representative. 


From Left, Hon. Kitayama, Hon. Abuor and Hon. Nyamita.


  • Posted March 30, 2019 Paul 7:56 pm

    Mhesh continue with that spirit. This is good. Continue pushing for Kendege airstrip also.

  • Posted March 30, 2019 Chacha John 8:06 pm

    Thank you for being selfless. Assist that institution, don’t neglect it simply because it is under county government.

  • Posted March 30, 2019 James abi 8:11 pm

    Big up for coming. Say something concerning Kendege airstrip…

  • Posted March 30, 2019 Nyakemori 8:19 pm

    Support this institution to get a vehicle.
    ? This is a good move. Work hard till we get those projects you’ve prioritised in this constituency(the ict hubs, university, kmtc, tarmac, model schools). Na Kendege tujengewe airstrip.

  • Posted March 31, 2019 Masero Robert 5:39 am

    Mheshimiwa, thank you for your support. You,indeed you have proved to be the leader kuria east desired over the years. thank you for prioritising Educ.

  • Posted March 31, 2019 Mariba Mwita 7:03 am

    we cherish you mheshimiwa , this is good & we will continue supporting you

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